Tricky Chick in our neighborhood Germany

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★★★ 5 Star App NOW Free!!★★★

Top 3 Photo Hunt Game in App Store.
★ High quality pictures
★ Interactive
★ Challenging with amazing sights of the Orient
★ VS mode (coming soon)
★ Interesting mini games (coming soon)

How to play: EASY!!! SPOT 3 differences in each photo before time runs out!!

Game Description: "Tricky Chick in our neighborhood Germany " takes you travel around the Germany. Challenge and spot 3 differences in each photo before the time runs out.

Are you ready to challenge " Tricky Chick "?

★ Cartoon Graphics
★ More than100 sets of images around the Germany
★ 3 Hints
★ Interesting sound effect

Coming Soon:
★ More images around the world
★ Magic Tools
★ Mini games

App Store前3位最好的相片點錯處遊戲
★ 互動
★ 挑戰性
★ VS模式(即將推出)
★ 趣味小遊戲(即將推出)

玩法: 十分簡單!找出3個照片的不同地方!

遊戲簡介: “獵人王” 將帶您周遊列國, 深入神秘的歐亞世界, 包括英國, 瑞士, 意大利, 比利時, 香港, 荷蘭, 韓國等地。您只要在時間耗盡之前, 找出各相片中的3個不同地方, “獵人王”最終將會帶您到達最神秘的...,


★ 卡通主題
★ 超過100套世界各地的圖片
★ 不同提示工具
★ 有趣聲音效果

★ 更多世界各地的圖片
★ 魔術工具
★ 趣味小遊戲